Robot the Dick

So the other day I'm walking down my street returning from a walk with Roscoe minding my own business or whatever when I see there's like some cameras and lights set up in front of my building. I was like, 'Hey Roscoe! Look! Someone's filming something!' I walk up and I see one kid dressed up as a blue robot and some other kid dressed as a silver robot. I was like, 'Hey Roscoe! Look! Robots! On my street!' Roscoe didn't seem to notice. (He likes smelling snow.)  I was psyched I had my camera.

I clicked the blue robot kid.

I walk up to some guy with a headset or something and ask what's going on. He tells me they're filming a video for a band called The Hysterics. (Not sure why I'm promoting them at all because of what happened next but here's their myspace page.)

Anyway, it was a pretty small production and people just seemed to be standing around. So I walk up to the silver robot guy and ask if I could take his picture. (I planned to put Roscoe in the picture too. I thought that would be funny.) He sort of shoots me a look like I was a jerk. Stares at me. Then turns his back to me. Not saying anything. I'm like, 'Excuse me. Can I take your picture?' He shoots me another look like I was being an asshole and he does some 'get away' hand gesture and walks away a little. I'm thinking WTF dude! You're dressed as a stupid robot in front of my house! I can take your stupid picture if I want, superstar!

Then I started thinking about his reaction more. If the guy in the silver suit said to me, 'Hey, I'd prefer it if you didn't take my picture, man.' I wouldn't take his stupid picture. But it wasn't the guy in the suit who was not letting me take the picture. The guy was acting like a robot! He was in character! A non-talking robot! So it was actually the robot who was refusing to let me take its picture! It was the robot who was being a dick! If you get what I'm saying...

So I got a little annoyed (He was dressed as a robot for a stupid music video in front of my house!) And was like, 'Dude, are you serious? I can't take your picture?' He turned around to me with a dicky look on his face-- and I clicked a picture and walked away...

So here's the picture of 'Robot the Dick' (note the 'dickish what the hell you want from me' look on his robo-dope face!)


ok bye!