Old Problem with Old Movies

OK. I've only seen a handful of 'old' movies that I really dig. I like Gone with the Wind alot. I think It's a Wonderful Life is a great flick. Caine Mutiny is pretty coolio. Citizen Kane is a solid A-. But those flicks have an extra advantage of having a 'goofball' factor of sorts. They're funny. I'm sure there's a few others there that I really like. But I really haven't seen too many movies that were made before 1960 all things considered.

So I feel like there's this huge library of 'classic' movies out there just waiting for me. I tried to catch up when I belonged to NetFlix a few years ago-- but for the most part the movies I ordered were sent back unwatched. (Movies I've never seen include: Streetcar Named Desire, Singing in the Rain, Some Like it Hot, Ben Hur, From Here to Eternity, African Queen, Maltese Falcon, Rebel Without a Cause... etc...) I KNOW! I KNOW!

Anyway, lately I've been making an effort to catch up because I feel stupid. I've been DVRing stuff off Turner Classic movies or wherever. Last week, I snagged Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia. Never seen either. I was psyched. Two of the best movies of all time! Right? Best Pictures! Right? Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem I have with the majority of old movies--  I kind of find them... unwatchable.

I know this will probably make me sound like a big film ignoramosaurus but there's something about old flicks that simply don't click in for me. It's frustrating for me. Sure alot of them are flat out terrible-- but what about the 'great' ones. Why can't I dig most of those like everyone else? I'm not sure if it's the acting (which has a completely different tone) or the weird dialogue or the big plotholes or alot of them being wayyy too long-- but after watching ten minutes of Casablanca I was bored, eye rolly, and confused. Clicked it off. Lawrence of Arabia started off ok with this cool motorcycle ride but then once they started talking I got snoozy and annoyed by everyone. I guess maybe I need more patience.

I know (I know!) I shouldn't judge things in the past this way. I know things we're different then. And it's probably just a state of mind that for whatever stupid reason I'm not capable of plugging myself into correctly. Like watching some Irish film and simply not being able to understand the brogue or whatever.But it seems like most stuff before Dr. Strangelove is just a no-go for me.

Don't get me wrong! I feel bad about this! Like there's some sort of movie party that I can't get into because my brain is not dressed right or something! I feel like I'm missing out on some of the best things out there! But man, am I ever really going to sit through friggin Lawrence of Arabia without having to punch myself in the face to stay awake? It's like four hours long!

Maybe if I did it in half-hour installments or something... like a TV show...

ok bye!


PS. Even though this is unrelated sort of. I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf recently and man oh man. Liz Taylor is amaazzzinngg. Stunning. Who would have ever thunk it?