Hello Snubbers

So tonight I was taking Roscoe on his nightly walk and I passed by some neighbor guy who was taking his trash out. I passed by I said, 'How ya doing...' The neighbor guy looks at me-- doesn't say anything at all-- then stuffs his garbage in his garbage can. Heard me. Ignored me. He just looked at me with a look that said, 'Why are you talking to me?' I shrugged it off and kept walking. He was one of those...

It seems like there's three kinds of people. People who say hello first. People who say hello back. And this weird breed of people who refuse to say either hello first or hello back. I remember when I worked in an office, I felt it was sort of an obligation to say hello to people as we passed each other in the hallway. I'm a hello first kind of guy. At least a head nod or whatever. Most of the time I'd get a head nod back or a smile or whatever. But there's this group of people who just don't acknowledge hellos. Or they give you a stare of sorts. Like a blatant intentional snub of your hello for their own kooky reasons..

I'm sure I've been off in my own world from time to time and accidentally snubbed a hello without knowing it. But these people are different. It's almost like a bizarre power move. Or a class war thing. Or some twisted defense mechanism. Perhaps they're just jerks. I dunno. It's beyond me.

But I just always find it stunning that someone can intentionally snub a hello. Not even a head nod? What's accomplished? What's achieved? Is it a victory for them? Granted in the office when someone snubbed one of my hellos-- 9 out of 10x that person turned out to be an asshole. So maybe that's it. Maybe I'm answering my own question here. Maybe I'm solving the mystery as I type. People who don't have the natural reflex to acknowledge a hello in any way-- are assholes. Is there any other explanation...?

....except for the possibility that it's me that's the a-hole?

ok bye!