WTF w/ MySpace Anyway?

Ok! I have a myspace page. I barely do anything with it but "add friends" because it annoys me like friggin berserker chipmunk in my underwears. But for whatever reason I got one because 'I gotta have one!' or something. So every other day, I'm poking around on it to do whatever-- and the thing that I find amazing at this point... is how super incredibly bad myspace sucks. And how long it's been sucking...

I'm not a design snob or anything but my holy fruck!.... Is myspace the biggest piece of crap broken ugly stupid clunky boring junky garbage site of any 'major' on the internet. It's not even endearingly stupid looking like eBay. It's just ugly and dopey and rude. I'm sure people are super well aware of its suckiness and I was willing to cut myspace some slack for a while because they got crushed with people signing up or whatever. But really.... It's way past time for that place to start cleaning up its mess or at least seeming like it cares about the frustration it causes. The whole place feels like a virtual abusive relationship.

-- Try to upload a video? Fails. For me. Always. Maybe I'm doing it "wrong"... but I'm not an idiot either.

-- Want to 'Add' someone? No! Login first, stupid! I forget who you are! Again! Then I'll send you to your own page instead of back to the friend!

-- Find a friend with the search engine?! Ok. You can try. Sometimes. But it only sorta works sometimes but doesn't sorta usually.

-- Arrange friends alphabetically? No! FU! Not even arrange by date? No!!! F OFF! At least add the most recent add to the end! NO!

-- Add a blog? Where? Wait what? Oh it's over there. Wait. How do I do umm... or upper corner... text link. Got it.

-- Get 'spammed' in my comments section with crap? Ok! No prob. I'll delete them. Wrong!! You can't!

Here's our standard error message instead:

 Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred. This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.

#1. They're not sorry. If they were sorry they'd fix it or at least acknowledge what the error is. (I can't delete friggin spam for a week now!)

#2. Capital A in 'An', professor.

#3. MySpace's technical group (aka the garbage can in the back alley of Nowheresville).

#4 I have more respect for 404s!

Plus, there's other annoying stuff when stuff actually does work. When I rearrange my 'top friends' it always tells me it'll take 5 minutes for the change to happen. Never ever has that change happened in any more time than absolutely instantaneously. Hey! MySpace dicks! It's OK to take the "five minute" sign down now. It's the only thing on your stupid site that actually works consistently!

Is it me? Am I just dopey about it? I know this is probably beating a dead stupid webhorse but it's just annoying that that place gets so very much--- when it seems to be doing so very little. How bout a wave to the frustrated millions that you're at least trying... or sorry... or competent.... or even there? Newsflash! Your site is broken!!

F you! F'in My F'in Space!!! Cocks! They don't deserve us!
... but umm... add me?


PS. Note the spam in my comments section. Always at the top. Apparently totally undeletable. Don't tell me it's my fault! And yes, I know the background is annoying.