Double Kiss Diatribe

So anyway, lately I'm finding there's a fast growing trend rounds these parts. Chicks are starting to do the "double kiss" hello greet more and more. That euro kiss one cheek kiss the other cheek frenchy thing. I don't mind the double kiss thing. I guess it's ok if that's your thing. But half the time I feel like a jerk because I'm a single kiss guy. I'm never prepared for the double cheek. I'll kiss one cheek and then say my hello and realize that I've left a cheek hanging and I'll apologize and complete the double kiss. And I think if I change my ways and go for the double kiss every time to be safe-- if I do that with a single kiss kind of girl... she's gonna think I'm a double kiss kind of guy!

When I leave a cheek hanging it makes me feel like an unkoof dope or something. Like I just stuck my finger in my nose while using the wrong fork. But I feel like I shouldn't have to apologize and feel like a no-manners wang! Single kiss is the standard American hello kiss! If someone wants to branch off and go double kiss that's fine-- but I think if someone leaves the second cheek hanging, the double kiss person should pack away their second cheek and not ask for the completion. In some ways, I think it's ruder for someone to call someone else out on their cheek hanging pseudo faux pas!

In the same way if you go and shake someone's hand and they unintentionally don't notice your hand is out there, you don't shove them and say, 'Ay! Shake my hand!' You sort of quietly put your hand away or pretend to scratch your arm or something and take that bit of shame. And with a double kiss I think if the other person doesn't notice... put your cheek away! Maybe in France the double cheek thing is a requirement but I think here in the States I say the double is still an option for kiss giver! Until it catches on more... which I hope it doesn't... because I'm a single cheek kiss kind of guy (aka unkoof dope)...

ok bye!