Scammy Scam Scammers

When I walk around the city I like to look at people. This can sometimes be a risky thing because there are people standing around out there who have something absolutely urgent to talk about... with whoever. Making eye contact with them is like saying, 'Hey! What's on your mind?' And if anyone tries to talk with me I have a difficult time ignoring them. Unless the person is looking flat-out deranged I'm like Mr. All-Ears to find out what they have to say.

So today this I was walking along and there was this guy who looked half in a panic. I looked at him and he came up to me and said, 'Hey man! Can you help me please?' Whenever something like this happens there's a little bit of me that thinks maybe this person really needs help. Usually it's not all that serious. This guy apparently had his car towed and his wallet was in the car and he just needed $1.50 for a token so he can go get his car and blah blah blah...  scammer.

Alot of these scammers are 'stranded' and just need to get somewhere. I sometimes find it difficult to leave them empty handed because I feel 'semi-involved' with their fantasy crisis. If I have some change I'll sometimes give them that or whatever. Regardless of what their story is if they're out asking strangers for a dollar for whatever- life can't be all that great... oh wait a

Anyway! Sometimes there are street scammers not in it for the money. A couple years ago I was walking home from work and there was a blind guy in front of me. (This is a true story) I was like fascinated that someone who is blind can get around in the city and I got curious to see how he like crossed streets and knew where the hell he was and all that. We were heading in the same direction and I decided to follow him. He was walking around with his cane all tap tap tap tap tap back and forth. I watched how people cleared out of his way. And how when his cane hit a pole or something he would get around it and all that.  After a block or so I see this guy is heading straight for this woman standing on the corner. His cane sweeping got wider and wider and I figured he was going to hit her shoe or something and get around her. But he didn't. He completely full body bumped into her and his cane went up between her legs and kind of lifted her skirt as he moved away from her.

At first I didn't think anything of it and felt bad for the guy because he seemed really embarrassed and he apologized a million times. But I follow him along and a couple blocks later I see him heading for another woman in a skirt. Bump! Cane between the legs! And the fall back move! I was like holy friggin baloney! This guy is a perv-scammer all doing his blind guy thing to get a bump and a flash of skirt! Bastard! Brilliant! Bastard!

I thought about confronting him to call him out on what he was doing but I guess I only talk to people when I can see their eyes. This guy had big ol blind guy sunglasses on and who the hell knows what was going on behind them.

ok bye!