Middle Finger Fixation

So the other night I was talking to a friend of mine over drinks and during the conversation he rested his face in his hand with his middle finger up against his temple. It basically looked like he was giving me the finger. Right at me. I was going to say something but felt it was being sensitive or weird to point it out-- because it was obviously not intentional, right? (And yes, I very much have a problem with reacting in the moment when presented with something that tips me off balance. As innocent as things might be. I tend to overthink and say nothing. Save it for later mentally.)

But it makes me wonder about things like Freudian slips or Freudian... fingers? How true is all that stuff? Like giving someone the finger completely by accident has gotta be accidentally intentional sometimes maybe. Right? And even if it's subconsciously on purpose it may not be directed at me personally-- it just might be an off topic reaction to a tough day. Or just a comfortable way to rest your head. And I like giving the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, of course my crazy brain woke me up in the middle of the night and I yelled me for not saying something when I was getting the finger. Even in a joking way. If someone does something like that shouldn't they be made aware of it in the moment? If they're doing it by accident-- maybe they do it often and my not saying anything could be 'bad-friend' ing. Might as well point it out. I'd want to know if I was walking around doing that. Some people could take it the wrong way.

Sure, maybe the topic of conversation would maybe factor in to the interpretation-- but it seemed innocent enough and I prefer to believe in this case was accidental on all levels and not subconscious. (Or was it is the brain getting the word out about secret feelings). I mean my brain plays tricks on me too-- like telling me if someone unintentionally gives me the finger-- it needs to be analyzed and overthinked like crazy...

ok bye!