Touchabubbles Terrorist Threat

I wandered around alot today. So while I was out I picked up a little gift for my nephew. This stuff called 'Touchabubbles' (take a look). The packaging said that they were just like bubbles but you can touch them and they won't pop. You can like totally hold them and stuff. I was like, 'Whoa! That's totally coming with me!' I was psyched. Never heard of them before and all that.

Anyway, I'm riding along on the subway and I start going through my bag of stuff and I take out the Touchabubbles and read the package. Apparently the bubbles stain clothing, and wood floors, and carpets... and um... pretty much anything they land on. My brother and his wife probably wouldn't dig that so much- and I guess maybe it wasn't a great gift for a 4 year old. So I decided to keep the bubbles for myself. :-)

So while riding along on the subway, I ripped open up the package and took out the bright green test tube. It looked like a weird radioactive science thing. I wanted to see what the liquid inside was like. I held it up to the overhead light and looked at it. Was it like watery or gooey ...or what. I started to take off the top and I looked up and noticed alot of people were staring at me. At first I didn't know why. They all had these sort of blank worried looks on their faces. Then I looked down and saw that I was holding a test tube full of weird green stuff and I was about to open it up on a crowded subway.  I quickly stuck it back in my bag of stuff and kind of gave everyone a little smile but no one smiled back. Not fun I guess.

Anyway, on the walk home I tried out the bubbles on the street. The liquid inside was very gooey and you had to let the bubblestick drip for a while before blowing. I blew out a stream of bubbles and sure enough you could catch them and they didn't pop unless you really tried to pop them. It was kind of sticky or whatever. And the bubbles flying along lasted a really long time. I saw them float down the street and all over a crowd of people who seemed amused by them. They probably wouldn't be so amused if they knew that I just probably ruined all their clothing... but whatever...

ok bye!