Parking Garage Stuntman Action

So a few years ago I was up in the Boston area with a few friends. I forget for what or for why-- but we were piled in my friend's Volkswagen Golf and I was driving. We were wheeling around a small parking garage looking for the exit. I turned a corner and saw an old brown 70's car with an orange cone stuck under it. Like it ran it over and it got stuck under there. It was one of those like giant 70's cars made of that old-school steel.

(What happened next is going to be sort of hard to describe but I'll give it a shot anyway.)

The car was moving backwards slowly. Really slow. We were like, 'WTF? That dude got a cone under his car.' I stopped the VW and us dopes sat there watching the weird car. The car drifted backwards and I could see it was going to smack into a concrete pylon thing. Back, back back it drifted... all slow... At like 3 MPH the back tail light totally hits the concrete thing and it smashed out. We were all like WOW! that dude just totally took out his own tail light! The car sat there against the pylon for a bit. We were like, 'That dude is messed up!' Then the car drifted forward again. This time a little faster and it went straight into the back panel of a parked car. WHUK! We were like, 'Ho shit! He just dented that car! He's drunk or something!'

Then the car just sat there for like a minute. We were sort of stunned staring at it. Then the reverse lights went on and it started drifting backwards again. But this time it swung around slowly and faced right at us. Headlights facing headlights. It just sat there staring at us. I started to get scared. It was weird. Then the car starts driving toward us. Not speeding-- but fast enough. It felt like he didn't even see us. And he was definitely heading for us.

My friends in the car were like, 'Reverse! Reverse! Back up!' I threw the car into reverse (stick shift. cool. yes I can drive stick.) and threw my arm over the back of the passenger seat and started driving in reverse. I remember hearing the high pitched engine noise when you drive backwards.

When I looked forward and saw the guy was still coming at us. Keeping up. He was wearing a baseball hat but couldn't make out his face. I got to the end of the aisle and took a left turn in reverse. He made the turn too! He was actually really messing with us crazy style! I started to get really nervous that he was a murderer or something-- and drove backwards faster. He lurched forward at us to keep up. We were all screaming.

At the end of the aisle there was a way out-- but it was an entrance not an exit. The automatic gate was up because some car had just pulled into the garage and took a turn down another aisle. So it was a straight shot for us to freedom. I floored it in reverse heading for the way out. The brown car kept up with us. Every time I looked forward I was surprised how close he was to us. Like if I slammed on the brakes he would have definitely hit us. I looked back again and could see the automatic gate was now starting to come down.... The gate was closing!

The guy who owned the VW was like, 'Dude! Stop! The gate's coming down!' I was like, 'I got it! I got it!' He was like, 'You don't got it!' I was like, 'I GOT IT!'. Everyone in the car was yelling and or screaming at this point. I finally made it to the ramp and as we passed under the gate, I remember expecting to hear the metal scraping along the roof of the car-- but it didn't. We just cleared under the gate by inches. Once in the street, I turned the wheel and we sort of spun out. My heart was totally racing...

I looked back at the garage and the brown car had stopped for the gate. There was no way he could have made it under too. The gate whirred all the way down and closed shut. Now it was totally quiet. The car sat there for a minute on the other side-- and we all stared at him. Breathing hard.

Then the car slowly backed away from the gate and drifted down into the darkness of the garage...

The end!

ok bye!