Coining Disappointment II

When I was a little kid I used to read comic books and stuff and they always had this advertisement in there about how if you found this "rare" 1943 penny it could be worth like $50,000 or something. So I'd always go through my pennies hoping to find that uber super rare 1943 penny. The advertisement said the penny wouldn't look like copper. It would be silverish or something like that...

One day I got a 1943 as change for some bubble gum or something! Off color! I was like, 'OMG! It's the ultimate rare 1943 penny worth $50,000 according to the back of my Richie Rich Millions Double Digest comic book!' I stuffed it into my pocket and practically ran home thrilled out of my mind that I just hit the coin lottery at the candy store!

The next day after school I took my coin to the weirdo stamp/coin store place or whatever and slapped it down on the counter and probably said something like, "$50,000 please?" The coin guy sort of flicked it away like I was the 500th kid to do the exact same thing. He said, 'It's a steel one. It's worth about a quarter...' I was like, 'Umm...achem sir...not to tell you your business...but... heh... this is a rare 1943 and according to Richie Rich comic books so ummm...' He told me there were different kinds of 43's and mine was very common. He asked me if I wanted a quarter for it. I snatched it back and walked out! Insulted by his honesty!

Rats! Foiled again!

Anyway, I thought about that story because the other day I was digging through the Mysterious Box of History and in an envelope I found this coin!

I was like, 'Holy snikeees! A friggin silver friggin dollar! From 1921! This could be worth thousands!!!' Why I felt like I had any clue I dunno-- but it was like all heavy and silvery and old. I figured the silver alone could be worth a few hundred bucks! Right? (Can you imagine how rich this country used to be that it made coins out of silver or whatever this is?)

So of course like any good greedy treasure hunter I jumped right on eBay to find out how many thousands of dollars this thing was worth... and... well...

Doh! Here's the going rate for this "rare" coin... (about $15.00). Probably could snag one for $13 if you bargain hunt...

Which I guess isn't bad for finders keepering and stuff--  but it was still a bit of a bummer.

Still not rich yet off dumb luck. Damn you gods of money!!! I'll get you yet!! (back to the drawing board)

ok bye!


PS. If anyone can find one of those ads and sends it in--- I'll send you a coffay cup...