Coff-ay Overflow Type Situation

So this morning I got up and went to make some coff-ay. I do the grinding of the beans and the whole deal type deal. I do it the same way every time. Dump the beans in the grinder till they just cover the screw of the spinny blade. Then grind for seven seconds and then I do like three extra quicky grinds. Filter goes in the thing. Coffee goes in the filter. 8 cups of water go in the thing. Switch on. Leave the kitchen and go sit in the other room for like ten minutes. Done and done. Everyday. Exact same thing in the exact same way.

But today I walk back into the kitchen to get me some fresh brewed coffee and I saw that things went horribly wrong while I was in the other room. The coffee was overflowing out of the top filter bin thing and flowing all down the front of the machine. It wasn't going down into the pot. It was like going up and out. Ground up beans were all over the sides of the coffee machine and all over the counter which had a steady river of coffee leading right down into the 'can't ever clean' gap between the counter and the stove.

I didn't even move. I just stood there staring at the display of everything gone all bad wondering what the hell had happened. I calmly walked over and switched the machine off and accessed the damage. Pretty much the whole pot with grinds was all over the place. I opened up the filter bin thing slowly and saw the whole thing was filled with coffeewater. I saw through the murk that the filter had somehow folded over or something and that had caused the problem. I closed the bin and ah ha closed the case.

Anyway I cleaned the kitchen as much as I could and I pretty much had to dunk the whole coffee machine in water to clean off all the grinds and stuff. I have some concerns that I shouldn't plug it in again because water probably got inside the electronic part and stuff. I always think everything has the potential to explode. I think I'll do it with an extension cord to be safe. I mean I need my coff-ay...

ok bye!