Pictures for the Day

Hey! I've been slacking on pictures for a while and it finally dawned on me why... I don't like my new camera. It never clicked with me. So to speak. I never trust it's taking the picture I see. It's a Lumix 6mb pixel thing whatever. Alot of pictures seem to come out blurry. Others are dark. Others are dark and blurry. I've played around a bit with the settings or whatever but it doesn't seem to just take a normal picture!

This camera might be too advanced for me or whatever but with my old one I used to just point at stuff and it seemed to know what I wanted. So I dug that old camera out of the electronic graveyard (the protecto-shutter doors broke and they just stay half-open all the time) but I'm gonna fix it up with tape and use it while I'm in Cali.

Lesson learned. If something's ain't broke don't fix it. If something's half-broke but still useable and you like it. Use it.

Anyway, here's the last batch of pictures from the  Lumix which will soon go on eBay...

There's my plane. They all look like sharks to me. I knock 3x on the outside of a plane before getting on it or else it's going down. I'm sure of it.

The TSA dudes. When I went thru security I had books, magazine, lots of random computer wires, a graphics tablet, two cameras, a cellphone, mp3 player amd other crap in my bag. After the scanner, one of the dudes flagged my bags and said, "What's in this?" It was loaded with 1000 things! I was like, "Umm... stuff?.. all kinds of stuff... stuff?" He looked at me like I was being sneaky. But turned out he was referring to the graphics tablet which I guess looked weird thru the scanner.

Another shot of the TSA guy. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better so here they both are.

I had a couple hours to kill so I walked around taking pictures thru the glass at stuff on the tarmac. I always like spaceshipy buildings.

I wonder if curly swirl actually there for a purpose or is it just for fun and "coolness".

Looking sharp, Delta!

All the equipment on the tarmac was like falling apart. Not so reassuring. There's my reflection in the glass with my filthy dog park sneaker.

Then I saw this guy lying there on the ground. I was like, "Hey! What's that guy doing lying on the ground?"

People were standing around at stuff but nobody seemed too concerned.

They were looking at this junky vehicle. I think it rammed into him or something. I dunno.

Then some guy came over and threw a blanket over him.

He wasn't really moving. I was like, 'Is that a dead guy or what?' Where was the ambulance?!
I started wondering if I was going to have to call 911 myself! This is an airport! Where's the response?

Thanks for the great zoom and lighting terrible camera! Anyway, it was time to get on the plane...

I waited in line... walked down the corridor thing... knocked three times on the plane... found my seat... settled in.... looked out the window and...

The guy is still lying there!!!! No paramedics! No nothing! WTF!

This seriously could be close to a half-hour since I first saw the guy...

Finally this EMT chick who was showing a little cleavage showed up to take care of him and we taxied away...

... only to sit on the runway for three hours!! Awesome!!!

I took this picture of my seat TV. It's a scene from the Number 23. I was glad my dog wasn't under the plane. I already was missing him tho.

Finally we took off! I snuck in this picture before putting away all portable devices... not sure how my camera being turned on can bring down a plane but whatever.

Landed in LA!

While waiting for my luggage I saw this sea of luggage. I was glad my dog wasn't in a system that is capable of this sort run-off of disorganization.

So I waited... got my bags. Avoided getting murdered for taking that guy's picture. And headed to where I'm typing this now...

That's it for now!

ok bye!