Late Boyfriend Info

So anyway, last night I was invited by a friend to a July 4th BBQ party. Twas one of those things out here where someone opened up their house to a bunch of people. It was high up and there was a deck with a pretty coolio view so you could see fireworks going off in different parts of the city across the skyline. It looked cool but something about it looked like fake. Like someone with a fireworks program was dropping them here and there on this photoshopped cityscape. Alot of this city looks like a movie backdrop. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing things off in the distance...

Anyway, I'm at this party trying to not spill/break anything or say something accidentally offensive or stupid nor expose myself as being uncomfortable while concentrating on not slouching. I'm sort of hanging out in the corner by the grill trying to make friends by offering to cook food that isn't mine. (This was later at the party when grill sort of got abandoned and stuff). And this girl came up and asked what was cooking.

We started chatting about stuff and she seemed nice or whatever. An actress girl or something. I told her that I was staying in town out in Culver City. And that I left my dog behind in Brooklyn. Told her about my big debate about flying my dog. She was a dog person too. I started thinking it was going well and she had nice boobs and stuff. I didn't think she wanted to actually make out or anything but she seemed to be flirty and it was nice to think about. We were chatting for like 20 minutes and I asked her how she ended up at the party

... she told me she was here with her boyfriend. He was over there.

I was like, 'Oh! That's cool....' (for you). But I just felt like there should have been an earlier heads up to the boyfriend thing. Like it should go out within the first 10 minutes of conversation at a party. Especially if the guy is like right over there. Just so there's a context in our conversation. That context being 'You're not gonna get to squeeze my boobs never ever so don't even think about it because my boyfriend is over there and he'll punch you in the eyeball' type context.

Whatever. She was nice and it was nice to have a nice conversation and I would have talked to her anyway of course because I'm nice... but maybe throw out that piece of information a little sooner? Just so I know where I stand... (which was being the slouchy gork standing by the grill entertaining some guys girlfriend).

ok bye!