Caught Too Far From Football

So today I went and got a haircut. Every couple of weeks, I go to this place called Joe's Barber Shop on Court Street (it sucks because even though I have like less hair than ever before I have to get it cut more often than ever before or I look like Bozo). Anyway I'm in there getting my haircut and this mailman stopped in on his route and a couple other local dudes were hanging out. They all started talking football and about what's wrong with NY Giants and how they lost a heartbreaker yesterday and about this and that and about tonite Jets game and what they need to do and they talked about crazy Raider fans and stuff.

I sat there in my chair and I really wanted to get in on the discussion because it was one of those cool like barbershop movie things with the arguing over sports and stuff. I am a Giants fan but to be honest I sort of dropped out of football after the Simms/Parcells days. I dig hockey but I've been done with football for a while. I'll go to a game anyday but I pretty much just stopped with the week by week football. So I'm sitting there in the barberchair listening to them go on and on when one dude in the shop asked me 'Who's your team, bro?' I told him 'Giants.' He asked me if I saw the game yesterday and I told him I missed it. I tried to sound like I was pissed about missing it. I think that was my opening to jump in to bash the coach or whatever but I had nothing. Asking if Phil McConkey was still playing would probably have exposed me for how out of touch I am. The room was quiet for a second then they all went back to talking about the game tonite. And I sat there feeling utterly pussified and humiliated.

The thing that makes me mad is I've known for a while this day would come. When I would be out in public and exposed for not watching football. I knew I should get back in enough to at least be able to get into a discussion. To like read the Cliff's Notes of football kinda sorta so at least I had something. But I had nothing today. I gotta get back on the stick. Umm....Go Giants!... or something?

ok bye!