Mindless Multi-tasker

So lately I've been in time-saver mode (not sure why because I don't have anything to do) but if I'm on the phone with someone I'll look around my apartment for stuff I can do while talking on the phone. Clean up. Do dishes. Or deal with recycling or whatever. And while watching TV, I'll surf the DVR to record stuff so it's sort of like a multi-task while watching TV. I just feel like while I'm doing something relatively mindless there's a whole side of my brain that's sitting on its ass doing nothing waiting for me to be done with whatever I'm doing.

Anyway, recently I've taken to taking the cordless phone in the shower with me. Showering is sometimes way boring so why not chat it up while soaping up?! If I'm on the phone with a friend they'll be like, 'What's with all the background noise?' I'll tell them I'm in the shower!... which usually makes them uncomfortable. It's not like I'm washing my hair with the phone against my head (actually I don't wash my hair at all because I don't have any)-- I kind of keep the phone out of the stream of the water. Or I'll put it on speakerphone up on the shelf thing and yell my conversation. Even while fighting with Time Warner Cable I apologized for the noise because I was in the shower (which may have taken away some credibility that I wasn't some nut who was just calling up with fake technical problems). I mean they're the ones that put me on hold. What am I supposed to do? Sit there and stare at the phone?

But those chatty shower days apparently have come to an end. My phone is now ophicisally phucked. People can't hear me when we talk into it. They tell me my voice is really low--  sounds like I'm far away... or underwater.

Oh well, I guess I deserve it for pushing the envelope when it comes to mindless multitasking...

ok bye!