Printer Cartridge Junkie

So like lately I've been printing alot of stuff off the computer. But these frickin printer cartridges cost like $25 or whatever and I keep running out. It's like ridiculous and it pisses me off because it's one of those blatant 'rip you off things' because they know they can get away with it type thing. Anyway, I was in the office supply store the other day and saw that there are these printer cartridge refill things for like $15. You like inject some ink into your old cartridge and put it back in the printer. Every time it runs out you just do it again. It seemed like a good way to save some mon-ay so I was like ok gimme that.

I bring it home and see it's not exactly easy one, two, three. It's really a whole kit with syringes and vials of ink and a weird screw thing and like a plastic cover and all this stuff. For this thing I had to read the instructions because I was absolutely clueless. To refill: You have to drill into the side of the plastic of the old cartridge, then take out a syringe and suck some ink out of the vial, then jam it into the side of the cartridge, and slowly shoot it up. Then you gotta do this other thing with this other needle to kind of 'get it started'. It's a whole thing. Of course I made a frickin mess. I spilled ink everywhere on my fingers and my watch and all over my cardboard box table and my shirt and I touched my face with my ink hand and got ink on my face. It took me forever to do what it said on the 10 step instruction thing.

When I finally thought I was done I put the cartridge back in my printer and tried it out. Of course it didn't work and I also got ink all over my computer desk and inky fingerprints all over my printer and keyboard. And it didn't even frickin print! I was totally pissed. I go back and sit down in my poof chair all angry and cause I knew I wasted $15 because I'm too impatient for this kind of procedure. 

I'm sitting there all mad when I friend of mine stops by. I answered the door kind of angryish. She comes into my place, which hasn't been cleaned in a while, and she told me it smelled a little. I was like whatever. She walks into the TV room and sees that all over my cardboard box table there are weird vials and dirty syringes amongst a couple beer cans and doritos wrappers. She looked at me and I knew what she was thinking. By my dirty face, bad mood, gross apartment, and syringes...for a second I think she thought I turned into a junkie! Just like that! Like shooting up and whatever! What else could syringes really be for? 

I was like.. it's not what you think. All suspiciously just to mess around. Then I explained about the ink stuff replacement thing and showed her the box to prove it. She seemed relieved but made me get to work on cleaning up my apartment just to be safe...

ok bye!