Pictures for the Week

Here's some pictures! From my camera! Not a ton of em! None even that great! But here they be!

Two dudes were jamming out totally in the park but I was the only one listening. Gave em a buck.

These guys weren't pulling a huge crowd either but they did get that badass looking dude who was posing for something in his own head....

This woman was chucking a ball in the fountain for this poochie. Not sure if I trust that water tho...

... but how bad could it be. It had a rainbow. See?

More musicians. Not sure anyone was buying what they were selling but they looked coolio and sounded all differenty...

Is that Stephen King back there??

This girl looked all sorts of spaced out while playing her... umm... mini-washboard, mini pan/can...thing?

Uh huh huh... uh huh huh.... ground boobs... uh huh huh....

I dig old buildings bestest. Total shame about the modern signage. There should be some legal obligation for all stores to hand paint their signs on wood.

This line of people camping out in front of the Public Theater went all the way down the street.
They were waiting for tickets to some new production of Hair or something. Get a job, you hippies!

Maybe this is Carmine?

If I framed this I could probably sell it downtown for $150.

The last thing you see after you get eaten by a homemade giant monster robot.... then it all goes black.

That's it!

ok bye!