The Lost Days of Porn Innocence

I pretty vividly remember my first experience looking at naked girls in a magazine. I was in my friend's basement and his Dad had a huge collection of old Playboy magazines down there. And one day while his parents were out we snuck down there and looked at them for hours. I was probably 5th grade. I sat down there slackjawed looking through these magazines. They were so friggin awesome. My mind was reeling. It was like staring at an eclipse and my eyeballs were getting burned with images of boobs and stuff.

Years later, I was at a different friends house and he told me his older brother had a porno that could be played in the Betamax. We snuck into his room and took it. I remember the plot. Some chick in white jeans gets off a bus with a suitcase and some guy offers her a ride and a place to stay. One thing led to another (literally) and before long she was doing stuff! Like no questions asked! I remember thinking it was all totally fake. Like that trick where you turn your head sideways and pretend to swallow a pencil. I felt like it was something like that. Special effects maybe. But then it wasn't! She was really doing that thing! Then they totally did it! And they showed everything! I couldn't believe my eyes! It was like looking at five eclipses at the same time with binoculars! I'll never forget that girl in white jeans...

Anyway, if you haven't noticed the internet has alot of porn all over it. Full blast. And it sort of is making me a little sad that the internet is has ruined those 'first time' experiences. Instead of sneaky magazines or one-off secret videos, it's probably just one big blur of confusing half-scary images. Any kid who knows how to type will stumble across something at some point. Even accidentally. And probably too early with the level of core way too high.

Just bums me out a little that that early sneaky exposure tradition is probably gone now. And it's likely that first timers just get overwhelmed with crazy stuff right off the bat. What hard wiring goes on there? What develops from there? I dunno. I guess I would have dug it back then anyway... it just wouldn't have been nearly as special.

ok bye!


PS. Post your first time seeing an adult magazine or whatever here. Keep it clean please. Just the where and when and how. We don't need the graphic details...