Quick Story: The Dog Park Pee Incident

So this morning I walked to dog park and got there late-ish for dog park morning (after 10AM). The regular morning dog park crew had already left and the whole place was empty (which always sucks because then I have to personally run around to burn off Roscoe's energy. chase him and crap.). Anyway, I had to pee. Bad. I figured since the park was totally empty and friggin dogs pee in there non-stop all day long. Why can't a person pee too?

I felt a little weird because the park is pretty exposed and there's buildings around (including The Watchtower building complex which surrounds the park) and people on the road could see me-- but I whatevered it.

I really had to pee.

So there I go peeing away and looking around to make sure I wasn't being looked at. Roscoe was hanging around nearby then-- and all of a sudden he walks right in front of me!-- and I peed on his head. Sort of like a full second of full blast pee. Right on the head.

He stepped off to the side and looked up at me. I looked at a wet uro-line in his mop top hair and apologized for peeing on his head. He knew something just happened that wasn't right-- but I think he got over it pretty fast. So did I.

The end.

ok bye!


PS. When I turned around someone had magically appeared in the park (they may have been there already I don't know but they definitely saw me pee.

PPS. I find it interesting that dogs seem to have no interest in sniffing people pee. You'd figure all pee would have something say.

PPPS. Yes I washed off his head when we got home!... or so I say...