People on Probation Calling

Hi Y'all-

So apparently my phone number is like one digit off from a probation office in Brooklyn because I keep getting calls from people asking for Officer this or that. Today I got a call from a guy asking for his probation officer and I told him he had the wrong number. He asked me if this was the probation office. And I'm like 'Nope. wrong number'. And he's like 'Can you transfer me over?' And I'm like 'No I can't this isn't the probation office- this is my home.' And the guy said, 'Why are you giving out your home number, man?' and I told him that I wasn't and that I'm not a probation officer. And he asked me if I had the number for the office and I told him I didn't.  He asked if I could help him out and I said I couldn't. But I was nice about it him being ex-criminal and all that. Then the phone rings two seconds later and it's the same guy asking for Officer so-and-so again. And we kind of went through it all again. And he got sort of mad when I told him I couldn't transfer him over and hung up on me.

This whole thing bothers me extra because my friend Eric who moved out of here and hooked me up with this apartment had this cool phone number which was 488-8887 which I wanted to keep -but he said he would get calls because a taxi service or something had 8888 so I decided to get a new number. Now I get calls from guys on probation instead. For the most part the people on probation calling with the wrong number seem real nice.

ok bye!