All Mental with the Dust Remover

The other day I was in the discount store with a friend of mine and there was this of 3M Dust Remover stuff on sale.

This stuff:

He was like, 'You gotta get that stuff! It's awesome! You spray it into your keyboard and it blows out all the dust...' I wasn't really all that concerned about dust in my keyboard but I bought it anyway. And today, I was just sitting here procrastinating and I decided to bust it out and spray the dust out of my keyboard. I was whatevery about the idea of it-- but was immediately surprised that it was such a powerful spray. Dust, couple hairs flew out. It was weirdly satisfying. I sprayed more. It was an off-beat low-key kind of fun.

I looked along the frame of my monitor. There was dust there and I sprayed it away. Then I looked at my printer. Dust was all over it! How'd I never notice that?! I sprayed at it. Dust flew everywhere. (MMMmmm... dustalicious...) I liked it! I spayed it under the printer and dust flew out the back everywhere. I was like, 'Oooh! Lots of dust under there! Score!' (I realize this really isn't 'cleaning' anything just spraying the dust everywhere-- but I didn't care). I started looking around my apartment to hunt for more dust.

I found lots! All my picture frames! On top of all my books! My cd rack! Shelves! Lamps! VCR! Every low-traffic area had tons of dust! I started seeing dust everywhere. I'm usually pretty clean with the general areas around the house-- but never looked at my place in such dusty detail! Like nerdy cowpoke, I went around my apartment pulling this trigger. Speakers. Window sills. Under stuff. On top of stuff! I was all mental with the spraying. I started sneezing from all the dust and my apartment was probably extra filthy after I was done but whatever! I just liked to see the clouds of dust scatter and things look clean...

Ok...  I'm not sure what's in this can but I'm pretty sure that what's in this can-- sure can't be good. Something about it feels environmentally incorrect or something. There's a sticker on it that says 'Contains a bittering agent to help discourage inhalant abuse.' That can't be good. And at some point the can itself got ice cold from over-spraying or something. I was afraid it was going to totally explode and blow my hand off-- so I made sure to spray with my left hand because I could 'afford to lose it more'...

A half-hour later I was done and my place felt cleaner! All surfaces had been hit. But like snowfall at night, I could hear dust re-settling everywhere in retaliation--- and I didn't like it. I know the dust building up forces again for round 2.

So all I can say is never buy this stuff!! First off, because something is obviously wrong with it like with the ozone or whatever-- but on top of that it'll open your eyes to something that you simply don't want to see...

ok bye!

PS. Here's something extra you don't want to see... (don't click if you don't like knowing gross things you'd rather not know....)