... about the cleavage

So I wrote something on the homepage the other day about how I complimented a chick about her cleavage and people wrote in asking what was up.

So here's what's up...

It's something that I've noticed over the past few years. Chicks like it when guys innocently acknowledge their cleavage --if they're showing a good amount of cleavage. (Frankly, I feel anything that is exposed should be free game for looks and compliments. Especially something that is showcased in the middle of a chest involving boobs-- but whatever.)

Anyway, I don't think I've ever gone wrong when talking to some chick about her cleavage-- without looking at it directly. I've gone wrong with a stare. Or with a point or double point. Or with a goofy laugh accompanied by dumb blank look. Or mumbling booobbububbboobbsbuoobbbs and clicking a picture with my cellphone camera. But in a situation where I'm talking to some girl who is showing off her cleavage, I find if I acknowledge the cleavage while not looking at the cleavage while I acknowledge it-- I find that it comes off as flattering and friendly. And it sort of makes everyone feel more comfortable I'm talking in a group. Everybody seems to like to talk about it-- as long as it's not all lechery or whatever.

Plus, I think girl's who are showing alot of cleavage are slightly uncomfortable about the fact that their boobs are all out there. Maybe they usually don't show alot of cleavage and are sort of out of character to be showing boobage. It might feel awkward. So me saying something like, 'I'm sorry. I'm slightly distracted by your ridiculously awesome cleavage.' ... is in fact welcomed.

And bonus! The conversation then may turn to 'cleavage' which allows me to look/stare embarrassment-free so it works out well for me too! Almost like a reward for being ballsy about cleavage!

Uninvited staring is most likely not welcomed (that I've learned)-- but I think to acknowledge first and then look away should not be a problem for the chick. And if it is... then she should your boobs away. She got no bidness with them out all front and centery...

ok bye!


PS. Am I wrong? Or perved?