Twenty Thoughts Thing

Alot has been going on in my head so instead of typing too much about each one.

I'm gonna just type too little about each one which will add up to too much total:

1. The new form of "mischief" on Mischief Night (Oct. 30th) in the suburbs. Something called 'Ghosting'. It's basically Ring and Run (ringing the doorbell and running away) but now the 'mischief' is the kids leave candy on the doorstep. Like it came from a ghost. Get it? Man, we've come a long way from... the other way.

2. I keep flaking on giving my dog his monthly heartworm prevention pill. I'll do it for a while then I'll forget for a couple months. They say if you start the pills and your dog actually HAS heartworms it could be really bad for the dog. So now I'm paranoid to start again. And I'm starting to think the whole thing is a heartworm scam. I guess I should google it...

3. I doubt I'm gonna ever run the marathon. I've never been a runner. I've never had a desire to be a runner. The idea of me any time in the next 95 years (lord willing +) of changing my mind so much that I'll train and run 26 miles at some point--- is really sort of beyond belief considering I don't wanna at all right now. But ya never know... I guess?

4. I've decided that I don't like top sheets in the bed. They end up all tangled up and twisted. Top sheets are for girls I think. I'm much more a comforter only kind of guy. Top sheet seems like I'm trying to be all hotel fancy in my own bed.

5. I was in some kind of weird mood the other day in the drug store and bought Just for Men. I decided that my beard was getting all too grey and stuff and I was gonna de-grey just some of it. Still keep some grey but fix it or something. But it turned into a blotchy off-color weird mess and it made me paranoid-- and I shaved and threw away that goop. Glad I got that over with.

6. I sometimes wonder if the love for a dog can equal the love for a child. Maybe not in actual human emotional depth on that level-- but if you somehow measured the level of total love feelings on a graph and did some math or something it might balance out? Maybe? Maybe not. Hard to say. I guess it depends on the kid... and the dog.

7. There's always something nice about riding a city bus. Seems like it's all sorta trippy and somehow slightly futuristic.

8. There are two remote controls missing in my apartment right now and I keep half-assed looking for them and they haven't turned up. I'm scared to do the full-on look for them because then if I don't find em after that-- it'll be a total waste of time instead of just a half-assed waste of time.

9. I'm learning that I'm really not great when it comes to criticism but I'm getting better at receiving praise.

10. Let's take a photo break with a few pictures!

I went trick or treating with my nephews and niece. My niece was a clown and nephew was a zombie surgeon. Awesome! Cute!

I told my other nephew that I thought Stormtroopers were way cool. He told me he was a Clone Trooper. (I didn't have the heart to tell him how less cool Clone Troopers are. He'll learn later...)

These Shining girls were the bartenders at the bar I went to on Halloween Night. Totally coolio creepizoids!

For my halloween costume, I just put on a men's blonde wig and insisted I was Christopher Atkins. That was that.

(Photo of me as Atkins unavailable. Giant spider will serve as placeholder.)


11. On Halloween night, I was talking with some friends and we wondered if we made a series of very bad commercials for a specific product (say... Miller Beer). A whole bunch of commercials that is anti-what they stand for or just weird or deranged. And flooded them up on youtube--- would Miller pay us to stop?

12. Although right now I don't have any work as a writer, I'm apparently on strike with the rest of them because I'm a part of that whole guild thing. I gotta admit I'm a little excited to picket in front of 30 Rock or whatever! I've never picketed! I'm gonna make up some cool signs and stuff and make up slogan chants!

14. I'm about to get into a fight with a big company. Although I might be wrong technically... I'm right morally. So who's right?! I'm gonna find out! More on that soon depending on how they react. I'm fighting right now but don't want to jinx it if they're gonna be nice.

15. I am convinced the way that someone eats an apple says alot about that person's personality. I eat mine by using a small knife and cutting slices as I go along. That's how I do it--but I'm not sure what that says about my personality... if anything at all.

16. My dog is officially spoiled when it comes to dinner time. He refuses to eat his dry food unless it's been doctored up with something to add flavor. Some of the doctorings are: Cottage cheese, shredded cheese, egg, olive oil, peanut butter, and yogurt. If I just serve him with no doctoring he will follow me around and stare at me until I doctor it up with something. I'll call him brat but I always give in. He's a good dog so why shouldn't he get food he likes.

17. I find that my advice is almost always dead-on-- but I'd say it's used by other people maybe 20% of the time. I apparently don't find that number discouraging enough to keep my nose out of people's business.

18. The three albums in heavy rotation in my mp3 player are: Radiohead (25% great. 50% very good. 25% whatevery. Bruce Springsteen (25% great. 40% very good. 35% whatevery. Britney Spears album. (50% good! 50% bad!). I'm not ashamed to admit I like Britney.... and that I like Radiohead.

19. I'm very happy and appreciative that I have this website and that you read what you just read. Thank you for hanging in there with me thru ups downs babbles and blathers and zips and zops. Good vibes to you...

20. More pictures!

Here's some subway mural art by students-- in the 86th Street station stop:

Not sure exactly what's going on here but I get the feeling they will continue doing whatever they're doing when I look away...

Not sure what's goin on here either... and what's in his hand... and what he's all murdery smiley about...

This one looked nice but it looked like a cake and made me hungry for cake.

There were lots of them but nobody seemed to be into checking em out. I guess you gotta be waiting a while before you turn around to see what's around...

Here's some art that was infront of some store that was selling only stuff by some artist guy. (info there if you're curious...)

Time for some NYC Marathon Pictures!

This dude was on crutches was moving along showing us all how it's done when you want something done.

Jumped the gun on the clicky with this one but it still looks coolio I think....

That choir looking crew was handing out water and gatorade to the passersbyers. They were Lion's Club I think...

To water or to not water...

The Runner vs' the Stander.

This band was playing but I'm not sure how they went over. I got there when they were finishing up their last song...

High fives and high guy...

This guy was either blind... or picking up trash as he went... or both.... or neither...

An unbelievable 20 miles to go....

The aftermess....

This looks like a painting kinda sorta? I dunno...

ok bye!