The Cancelled Battle

So I was planning to go to war this week with a decent sized company. Not big and anonymous. Definitely mid-sized enough to get personal. This company was basically charging me for something I didn't feel like I should have been charged for. Technically they were right to charge me but morally it wasn't right at all. So it was that grey area of corporate right and wrong-- and I was willing to take up the fight to avoid paying the bill.

(It's really a long story and the only way I can explain it is by outing the company and I don't think that would be cool...)

Anyway, a couple days ago I got in touch with customer service and explained my situation nicely. But the customer service person wouldn't even listen to my argument. She was rude. Told me 'policy was policy'. And when I (shamefully) threatened to 'Blog all about this...'  She imitated my voice as she totally slapped away my blog threat. Admittedly threatening to blog isn't the best karate ever but when she mocked my voice I went mental! I hung up the phone immediately and started strategizing for an all-out assault on the company!

I threw open my trunk of corporate weapons and started spreading them out on the floor. The 'Make them do something for no reason' sword. The 'Cost them some money by making them spin their wheels' shield. The 'Guess the CEO's email address' dagger. The 'Threaten a lawsuit with fake lawyer letter' helmet. The 'Attempt to broadcast bad publicity' spiked mace. Etc...

Anyway, I was all revved up for battle. Psyched to use the weapons one by one.

But this morning I got an email saying they've decided to credit my account. And that they basically agreed with me in my argument. No charge. Fight over. Done.  I sat there staring at the email feeling semi-happy like, 'Yea? Yea me. I won. I don't have to fight. Credited. Woohoo.' But another side of me (the warrior side) clankily threw all his corporate war weapons back in the trunk and slammed the lid. Then he took off his nerdy armor and hucked it all in a corner. He didn't want to win this way. He didn't want surrender.

Because he's been squinty eyed and blood thirsty ever since that customer service lady mocked his voice...

ok bye!