The Spaghetti Incident

Ok it's going to be a little difficult to explain what happened but I'll give it a shot. Last night I made spaghetti and Prego sauce. When I make spaghetti I make the whole box and I use the whole jar. I eat like half and put the rest in the fridge to eat at a later date (sometimes as late as 5 days later but anyway). When I put the spaghetti in the fridge I use the same little pot that I heat the sauce in- because it has a lid and all that. This pot also has like a long handle with a little ring at the end of it.

Anyway, I guess when I put it in the fridge I left the handle sticking out so when I shut the fridge the handle apparently stuck like into a shelf of the fridge door. Does that make sense? Well it will in a second. This morning I go to the kitchen to make coff-ay, grind the beans seven times etc... I don't trust the coffee machine anymore so I like hang out in the kitchen to make sure the coff-ay actually drips down into the pot and not all over the place instead..

I'm bored in like two seconds so I go and yank open the fridge door even though I wasn't hungry. And somehow because the handle was stuck in the door, my yanking open the the fridge pulled the pot off of the shelf- and it was like hanging from the door at a downward angle for a split second. Then the lid falls off of the pot and the pot falls upsidedown splatting the spaghetti down on the floor. The lid made a loud clang noise and rolled around for a sec too.

I just sort of looked at it and flopped my arms on my sides. Then went over and started pulling a yard of papertowels off the roll. Thinking Why? Why! Why does this stuff happen? Why Why Why...?!

ok bye!