Roscoe Adopts Piglet

It seems some dogs claim some thing at some point as their own. A favorite thing. A ball. A toy thing. Their Wubbie. Whatever. Roscoe never really had a favorite thing. Actually, Roscoe has never been big on toys at all. They usually last a day and then get boring for him. So I stopped buying him toys a while time ago-- but I still have them all in a box of them in the closet. Sometimes I'll take one out at random to play with him. A tug rope. Squeaky pig. Rubber dog. Etc.

And I've always had to keep all stuffed animals away from him because he likes to gut them. Before long he gets a mouthful of that white brillo-y inside asbestos goodness-- or whatever the hell they stuff in those things. He's gone through a bunch of stuffed animals. He sneakily destroys em. But there's one stuffed animal that's been kicking around here for a while and has never been gutted. He doesn't even chew on it.


A few nights ago, I cleaned up everything on the floor and put all his toys away in the box in the closet-- including Piglet. Within minutes, Roscoe went into the closet and took Piglet out of the box of toys and carried him into the other room. I whatevered it. But since then I've seen Roscoe and Piglet hanging out alot. Room to room. Place to place. He just carries Piglet with him sometimes. I kept waiting for Piglet's day to come when Roscoe decides he needs to get at the Piglet insides. But Piglet remains unharmed.

And last night, I got into bed and called Roscoe to get in too because we were going to sleep-- and he showed up with Piglet. He didn't just jump in the bed like usual. He just stood there with Piglet in his mouth. Almost like he was checking to see if it was ok to bring Piglet in the bed for bedtime. I told him it was ok and patted his area on the bed. He jumped in. Put Piglet down. And curled up near him and went to sleep...


(Big thanks to the person who sent him Piglet as a gift.)

ok bye!


PS. I know I owe an update on the business fight post the other day. I'll type it up over the weekend...