My Thanksgiving Thing

So this Thanksgiving I felt like I should start a personal recipe thing. An annual tradition dish that I cook every Thanksgiving. And my family can say, 'Todd's gonna bring his usual Raisin Rum Rice Pudding again of course!' Or 'Todd is making his Famous Pumpkin Pecan Pie' or something. Whatever it is. It becomes my Thanksgiving thing. The problem is... I don't know how to make anything. I mean there are some dishes that I can sort of throw together. Like a stir-fry chicken thing. Or some sort of fish thing with like garlic and parsley or whatever. But whenever I cook for anyone I usually like to just pick some random recipe off some website and try and cook it. It usually turns out bad and all wrong but I like the challenge of making something complicated even though I suck at it.

But for my Thanksgiving thing I can't really go with cooking a random recipe every year. My family can't say, 'Crazy Uncle Todd is bringing his annual Random Recipe That He Found on the Interwebs Surprise...' Nobody wants that. I mean maybe the nephews might get a kick out of it-- but it's not something that I can maintain year after year. I have to make the same thing! Annual! But what?

I tried to think of something good and fun. I don't really like chopping or mashing or baking so that closed out stuff. I didn't want to make anything boring or too easy. I considered getting into some sort of cranberry sauce thingee but I'm not all that crazy about cranberries in general so I don't think I can commit to an annual cranberry type situation.

When push came to shove I couldn't think of anything that would be my 'thing' this year. I gave up on thinking and just brought wine. Sort of disappointed that I couldn't pull it together. But tonight I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine and she said a magic word.... Chestnuts. Chestnuts! Chest! Nuts! I like chestnuts! It clicked in! I decided to do chestnuts next year!

Chestnuts will be my new annual Thanksgiving thing! Here's why:

1. I like chestnuts and I feel they're sort of off the radar a bit.
2. Roasting chestnuts can be a fun activity thing.
3. I assume I can make all sorts of stuff with chestnuts.
4. I think the idea of buying bag of chestnuts seems fun and I like the smoothness.
5. I believe everybody secretly gets excited for chestnuts.

So that's that with that. Next year. I'm doing chestnuts!! I'll roast em or something! But that's my thing! I called it! No backsies! It's my thing! That's that! Next year!

ok bye!

PS. Actually the Raisin Rum Rice Pudding sounds pretty good too but I gotta stay focused! On chestnuts! Or cranberry thing could be sort of coolio... no! No! Chestnuts!!!!