The Ghost of Wedding Past

So last night I thought of a couple old friends of mine who got married years ago. I've probably seen them once since they got married-- if that. And the more I thought about it, the more I wondered--- Did I ever get them a wedding friggin gift?

There was a period of time when I went to a bunch of weddings all around the same time-- and being disorganized and single (and appreciative of the one-year to get a gift rule) I'm sure a gift (or two) must have slipped through the cracks by accident. I'd like to think that the people who didn't receive the gift don't really care. Or at least have forgotten at this point. But I don't really believe that. I think married people (more likely just the brides) have imaginary red 'X's in permanent ink on friend's foreheads who didn't get them a wedding gift. And I think on some level whenever they see that person they think for a moment...'Bastard never got me a wedding gift....'

I guess I could call these old friends of the blue and ask, 'Hey! Did I ever get you a wedding gift?' But they'd just respond. 'Oh I don't remember stuff like that. Don't worry about it..' Right? (While darkening up the red 'X' on my forehead with a fresh sharpee.) On top of it, is that really a good reason to call an old friend after not talking for years? Shouldn't it be out of me missing them-- not me thinking they're missing a gift?

But on top of that, if I did buy a gift and don't remember doing it... wouldn't they flag me as someone who didn't really care about the gift/wedding in the first place? Since wedding people have a habit of believing their wedding was the center of the universe for that moment... is it possible they would be offended by the fact that I don't even remember the beautiful gravy boat I got them? And mark me for not caring about their wedding enough?

Maybe I'm over thinking this but there's gotta be a china hutch out there somewhere with a 10 out of 12 dishes sitting in there-- and whenever the wifey looks at her lack of a dozen-- she must think of me-- or others of my red X ilk.

ok bye!