Night Out Fight In

Ok. I admit that I'm a hermit a decent amount of the time. I really do like staying in. All my stuff is here and stuff.

So when I'm invited to a party or have drinks or whatever I immediately have an argument in my head. Sometimes I win and go out. Sometimes I win and stay in.

This weekend I was invited to a party. Here's the argument in my head:

'C'mon let's go out! That party in the city sounds cool!'

'I don't think I wanna go out. I'm sort of comfortable...'

'Uch! Cmon! Go! What are you we gonna do? Stay in and watching movies all night?!'

'Yes! What's wrong with that?! I want to watch that movie Turistas!'

'That's supposed to be awful! Turistas!?'

'Whatever we can watch something else! What's wrong with staying in?

'What's wrong with it is if you do it too much we go mental!!'

'So what's wrong with mental?!'

'If you're mental you fight with yourself ourself alot!?'

'So what's wrong with fighting with yourself myself yourself myself alot?!'


'It's how I we make decisions...'

'By fighting!? I don't want to fight...'

'Oh so you're giving up?'

'No! I'm not giving up! I'm just saying you we should go out!'

'And what if I we don't...'

'And what if we do! You never know what can happen!'

'Yeah I do. We'll stand in some room with an embarrassing fresh salsa stain on our crotch and try to think of magic words.'

'Magic words?'

'Magic words some chick might want to hear. I never know the magic words!'

'Well, if you stay inside you know exactly what will happen! No magic!'

'So? What's wrong with that? I like inside!'

'Life is about new experiences! Meeting new people! You might meet Helen Hunt if you go out!'

'Helen Hunt? Why would I want to meet Helen Hunt?'

'What's wrong with Helen Hunt? She's beautiful!'

'Do we have a secret crush on her or something? We've never mentioned Helen Hunt before!'

'No! I just don't know! She popped into our head?! She's just an example!'

'Do you know what kind of magic words I'd have to think of to get Helen Hunt? Like Harry Potter level twelve!!'

'Whatever! If you want the chance to meet Helen Hunt-- you go out! She isn't going to exactly knock on your our door, y'know!'

'How do you know? You never know! Helen Hunt might be Jehovah's Witness now or something!'

'See! That's a mental thought! You're mental now!'

'Who are you to judge who's mental? Listen to you!'

'Whatever. You're mental.'

'I could argue it the other way! You're the one that thought if I went out tonight I'd meet friggin Helen Hunt! Isn't she married or something anyway?'

'Is she?!!'

'Uch! You sounded concerned!'

'Whatever. It doesn't matter since we're obviously...grrr... staying in tonight...'

'See how easy it would have been if you just accepted that in the first place?'

'Whatever. Don't gloat...'

And what kind of fighting style was that?! Threating me with not meeting Helen Hunt? Terrible karate!'

'I don't know... She was the first person who popped into our head. I should have said ummm... What's her face... with the haircut. What's her face?'

'I don't even know what you're talking about. Let's go make popcorn and watch the TV.'

'Ok! But we're not watching Turistas!'

'Fine! No Turistas!'

'Maybe Dr. T and the Women is on...?'

'Jeezus! We're not watching Dr. T!! I'd rather go out!'

'Fine. Watch whatever you want. But next weekend we're going out! Deal?'



ok bye!