Netflix's Last Stand

So I'd say once a year I join Netflix for a couple months. Usually because I'll click on some banner ad offering me a free month or whatever. And I'll get all psyched up to build up some kind of coolio queue and watch movies I've never seen before. Long overdue stuff. Movies like Casablanca, Alfred Hitchcock stuff and weird Japanese horror movies that are supposed to be amazzzing or whatever.

But the same thing always happens over and over-- I stop watching the movies I order. Or I'll just watch stuff off the pay-per-view. Or get bored of futzing with my queue. Or get frustrated because it seems like I've seen every friggin movie ever made.  Or that I rent movies I've already seen thinking I want to see them again --then don't. Or get annoyed because I'll forget the name movie that I remembered I totally wanted to see. Or whatever.

Eventually I'll cancel Netflix and go back to TV as per usual-- until I re-forget why I cancelled it in the first place. My last Netflix session was particularly short-lived. I couldn't even maintain 2 movies a month. Then I lost the credit card they had on file and I cancelled it --so the account couldn't bill anymore and I just said screw it. The credit card they have on file doesn't work anymore.

But considering I watch alot of terrible TV I'm willing to give Netflix one more shot hail-mary style to get interesting again. To help out, I've decided to ask you for a favor and add your favoritest movie to a Netflix queue for me. Maybe that will get me back on board with this stuff.

So here's the queue. Just add the movies you really think I'd like please?

Anyway, add em in!

username: oddtodd7

pw: roscoe


ok bye!