Electro-Protectos vs' Non-Electro-Protectos

Ok this is the second gadgety post in a row but it's something that I thought about last night so I figure I'd write about and there's nothing else in my head right now to write about so I'm gonna write about this.

Feel free to not read on because this post will probably be pointless. In fact, I'd recommend maybe not.

Oh it's like that? ok... here tis.

Last night I was out at a bar and someone put their cellphone down and it was one of those leather-bound plasticked up phones.

Looked like this:

I looked at that thing and I didn't like it. It had electro-protecto. That sort of thing has never been on my phone. I think it would make me totally mental. It would look and feel weird. The plastic would feel sticky on my face and I wouldn't like how it's all covered in stuff and I'm sure I'd get annoyed with the keypad or whatever. I've always been more along the lines of blatantly disrespecting electronics. Non-electro-protecto. Not sure why. Perhaps because there's a side of me that's actually stupid.

But I've always just thrown my phone around with no-electro-protecto all willy nilly. I bang my laptop around. My mp3 player gets no respect. I'm spoiled and jerky I know but I find that it's really rare that an electronic actually breaks. I drop my phone by accident on concrete like once a week and it explodes everywhere with the battery going one way and the backing other causing gasps all around. But I put it back together and it works fine. Done and done. (Although I'm sometimes secretly disappointed when I see it's working because I know if it breaks I'd be psyched to have an excuse to get a new phone.) So maybe that's part of it. As I mentioned before... I might be stupid. Or maybe just lucky.

So I wonder about the electro-protecto people. Is it about protection or is it about accessorizing? Buying the extra thing for the thing? Maybe an upsell at the phone store that you don't want to waste? Is it an attitude passed down from parents who instill a respect for electronics?  Or is it simply 'I'm just smart and I don't want this stupid thing to break.' I guess it's both. Or neither. Or all. I don't know. All I know is I'm just not an electro-protecto kind of guy.

Hey! I started off this by saying I had nothing to write about-- and I think I've proved that at least!

ok bye!