Some Mean Kid Hit Me With A Snowball

So last night I went out to do some late night food shopping. Usually when I go outside nowadays I really don't care what I look like. Last night, I was wearing some basketball type sweatpants, hiking boots, a big ugly sweater, and long coat. I also was sporting a handknit hat with a pom-pom on top. It was a gift (my friend claire's aunt sophie made it). I wore this hat home for Thanksgiving and my brother made fun of it and my dad said that I "look like a schmuck."

Whatever it's my only hat and I don't care if I look like a "schmuck" at the supermarket. Anyway I buy some stuff and was walking down Smith Street with plastic bags of groceries and I pass by this group of 4 or 5 teenagers just hanging out. I guess I was walking kind of funny carrying the bags or whatever because one of the teens immediately started walking next to me- I guess imitating my walk. He was looking at me dead in the face doing this side to side head thing all hunched over. Walking weird. Walking like me I guess. I heard his friends laughing. I gave the kid a 'look' and then just kept walking and ignored him. A few seconds later I got hit in the back with a snowball. I looked back and the kids were laughing and looking around like they didn't do it. I gave them a mean look and walked home.

On the way back I thought about what I coulda or shoulda done. It would have been cool to have dropped the bags and walked up to them and said all mean, 'You got a fuckin problem?' (I actually practiced saying this to myself on the way home so I'd be prepared for next time. Right..) And then the kid would be scared and say he didn't have any problem. And then I'd say 'You want one?' And he'd say 'no... ' like all scared. Maybe I'd do a head fake move like I was going to jump at the guy and laugh when he flinched.. or something. They'd know they hit the wrong person with a snowball and they'd be all scared because I'd look like a psycho in a pom pom hat.  But I didn't do anything. I've never had reflexes for that kind of stuff.

Instead I just walked home and put away my frozen pizza and clementines and wheaties 'energy crunch' cereal (it's new) and realized my dad probably was right. Why else would those mean kids pick on me... :-(

ok bye!