The Knit Hat Dilemma

Ok so I'm friendly with my laundry lady on my street. Her store is like 4 buildings down and I walk by there every morning with Roscoe. Sometimes we stop in for treats or whatever. She's usually in there knitting away on something or other and I always make the same stupid joke.

'You knitting me a hat?'  'Is that my hat?' 'How's my hat coming along?' 'You want to know what colors for my hat?'

Yeah. I'm that annoying guy who thinks it's funny to tell the same joke 500 times. Anyway, yesterday I stopped in there and guess what. She knit me a hat! Coolio colors with a pom-pom on top! I'm a fan of the pom-pom. I got all excited and put it on my head and thanked her up and down for my awesome new hat.

Coolio hat!! Here's the issue:

I have a huge melon head and this hat, which I'm sure is normal sized, is sort of tight on my head. And it itches a little.  (I'm super sensitive to itchy stuff because I'm a bald wuss or whatever. I can't wear a wool sweater without going insane.) If I take it off it leaves marks on my forehead. And bottom line is I already have a favorite hat that I've had for years. I love my hat. And not to be extra spoiled or whatever but I got it as a gift couple years ago and its soft cashmere and all big comfy on my head.

But for the last few days I've been wearing my new gift hat. To and from dog park. Every time I walk by the store I point at it like a dork to show her how much I love the hat to be a nice guy and all that. All smiley. But today I decided that I didn't want to wear the knit hat. I wanted to wear my old hat. So I put the knit hat on my head and my old hat in my pocket and I walked by the store and did my stupid point. Then turned the corner and switched hats. Old hat in head. New hat in pocket.

The problem is... winter is just starting and I walk by that store a bunch of times every day! I can't do this hat swap all winter long! The pompom is all big in my pocket and all that and it seems above and beyond the call of niceness. And when you're bald headed having a comfy hat is extra needed and all that. I guess I could tell her that it's too tight and that's why I'm not wearing it... but she might go make me another hat and then I'd be totally stuck with that one for sure. Or I could wear it once in a while but she'll notice I'm not wearing it. Plus that day I'll be walking around with a tight itchy hat on my head!

I dunno. I guess I should be psyched that someone took the time to knit me a hat... it's a really nice thing to do... and lord knows I friggin asked for it... 500 times over...

ok bye!


PS. Yes I got her something nice for xmas too...