Thanks Y'all For 2007


Just wanted to say thanks to you for stopping by this site and hanging round here this year. Also thanks to all the peeps on all the message boards, the holiday card senders, daily stuff content providers, the Roscoe fans (from Roscoe), good vibes senders, Mr. Deng, people who help me with site stuff and stuff, to you specifically if you feel like I owe you an overdue thanks personally-- but especially to the old-school peeps who have been around here for the past six years (6?) or so. Tis greatly appreciated. I know my site sometimes is 'wheeee!' and other times it's like 'yawnnn...' But I do my bestest to keep things moving along-- so thanks for your patience with me as well.

I know it was a little slow toon-wise in 07 but tis not only due to laziness and procrastination or whatever (well maybe some of that yeah) but I've also working away on lots of stuff to keep stuff going along in general-- and will hopefully have set up a bunch of coolio things for 2008! One thing I've been looking for is a way I can produce toonages on a more regular basis in the right way with the right situation for this website. And have it pay my bills too. And hopefully next year I'll find a way to make it all work. There's sort of new interest here and there for this and that. Elf Up. Fingers crossed there will be something coolio to announce sometime in January-ish-- but I don't want to jinx things. Mep.

Also weirdly enough the Odd Todd feature movie scriptizoid which has been lying around stuffed in someone's drawer (or circular file) out in Hollywood has started to move around a little. Signs of actual life there. There's some places/people that seem for realzers interested. People are actually talking to people about it-- And it could get interesting. I'll talk bout that when I can. But who knows with that stuff-- we'll see...

In the meantime, for 2008-- I'll be here as per usual as per always. Annoyingly obsessing about my dopey dog, working away too slow on new toons and games, weirdly showing up on ABC World News now and then (doing cartoon election coverage this year I think... lol), scanning in stuff, going to the movies, taking photos, finding facts on the tv, eating stuff and keeping this website going along as it goes...

I'm still figuring it all out-- but I kind of like it this way. Makes every year like a surprise. :-)

Happy Holidays and bestest of good vibes to ya for a way coolio 2008!

Have faith. Be positive.

And I'll be here.


PS. Yes I'm still working on a little something something for the holidaze. Yes I know its super late.

PPS. This is What's Happening #723. Thanks to everyone who reads this stuff here too.