Four Thought Things

1. I have call waiting on my phones so I know who is calling when people call (unless it's 'Out of Area' or 'Private'). But the weird thing I noticed is I feel strange about picking up the phone and saying hello to the specific person who is calling. Like if Mr. Mongo calls-- I can't pick it up and say, 'Hey Mr. Mongo! What's up?'. I still feel the need to pick it up and give a standard 'Hello?' as if I don't know that it is Mr. Mongo who is on the other end. Like somehow the caller ID is sneaky and I shouldn't out myself caller-ID wise to Mr. Mongo or something. Like if I do that I'm being fancy or something. Is this based in the phone tradition of saying hello? A dated feeling about called-ID when it wasn't so common? Why not just be open and honest about the technology and say, 'Hi! Mr. Mongo!'

2. The other day I was in the drug store and there was a line of like a dozen people waiting for one register. There are friggin five registers behind the counter but only one cashier and she seemed sort of out of it. Acting like there was no line whatsoever. I got all impatient and stood there debating whether I should put my basket of everything down and walk out-- or put everything back and walk out --when the woman in front of me on line said, 'I'll be right back...' (aka hold my spot) and walked off into the store. I wasn't happy with the new responsibility because now I was stuck in line and couldn't continue my stupid debate about bailing out.

Anyway, then from the photo area some dude yelled out, 'Next in-line!' At first everyone was frozen because the next in line didn't react. But then people started moving toward the photo lab and I went with them. I got 2nd place! After a bit, it was my turn and I stepped up to the counter with my basket. Then I heard the woman who was 'going to be right back' cough loudly from the end of the other line and she shot me a look. She was gone for at least a few minutes! That's not "right back" in a store! Anyway, I was considering maybe letting her cut in front of me but considering she really gave me a mean look like I was some kind of jerk-- I said screw her. If she gave the friendly 'oh well' shrug I probably would have made an effort to let her cut-- but the mean FU look took the motivation out of that. Plus it was awkward because technically I'm not sure if it even is right.

3. Sounds weird but I've always been fascinated with Roscoe's fascination with smelling other dogs pee. He stops to smell pee. Sometimes I let him. Sometimes I pull him along. But sometimes he gets insistent on smelling a certain pee. Like somehow that specific pee is an absolute serious priority and he slams on the breaks letting me know that that pee is way important to him. So I let him smell it and wonder what the hell valuable information could he possibility be taking in? How "important" can that pee be? It's almost like he's reading a short story. He spaces out and gets in the zone turning dog pages in his head... and if I try to pull him away too soon he's like, 'Hold up! Hold up! Almost done! Two more pages....' And I let him finish. Dogs are weird.

4. How do you throw away a garbage can?

ok bye!