Not a Dude? Not a Yo?

So the other night I was walking around at night with Roscoe and a bunch of college looking kids (18-20 or whatever) walked up to me and said, "Excuse me, sir. Do you know where Boat is?" (Boat is a local bar down the street from me which I used to like but I gotta admit it's a little 'young' for me now etc. Early 20-somethings hipsters etc.)

But I was like, 'SIR!? I'm a "sir" now? SIR!? What's with this sir crap!!" Ain't I a, 'Yo bro... Do you know where Boat is?" Or maybe a "Dude... where's Boat at?" Sir?! I don't consider myself a sir on any level. (Especially in the royal sense unfortunately although if the Queen offered me Sir-dom I'd be like, "No thanks... But can I keep the cool sword?")

Anyway, I know it's a reality that maybe I don't fit into the 'Boat' crowd anymore but it is a weird transition when you get hit with a "sir" from non-kids. It draws the line in the sand. And that line says... 'You're too old to go to Boat...'

Just weird when I feel so un-sirly...

Kind of sucks because Boat has a great jukebox and they still let people smoke in there after midnight like prohibition style with coffee cups on the bar as ashtrays.
(not that I smoke but I miss it in bars sometimes)

ok bye!