Finally Mac Time?

I'm starting to think about getting a new computer.

I'm a PC guy. I've always been a PC guy. In fact, I take pride in the fact that I haven't succumbed to the Apple. I haven't drank the Apple flavored Kool-Aid. I push back hard on friends who get Mac's because they declare that they're 'cooler'. I get sickened by their relentless fawning over Mac and their lie-based denials of having any issues whatsoever. (No freezing? Ever? Really?) And I don't believe there is any computer that can honestly be called 'cool'. (Unless maybe Alienware if you're a gamer-- but that's a pretty specific kind of cool.)

I think the Mac brand is annoying. I don't like Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks and bow down before me vibe. I think the iPod sucks. I think the iPhone sucks too. And iTunes is terrible. And anyone who is gonna be all grumpy about this you can shut up now because I kicked Apple old-school back in the day. I rocked the Apple II Plus so step off. I had an Apple when Kurtis Blow was my background music on cassette! Burger Time! 20 GOTO 10, bitch!

On the PC side I like PC games (although less and less. xbox is calling) But I like 'finding' software that I need easily. I really don't need the fancy flashy snappy peppy window shapeshifting on Mac. I'm pretty set in my ways with the drag and drop and have even grown some affection for PC's quirks. And I like the fact that I know what I'm doing on my computer. All the way down to screwing with registry keys that I have no business touching!

I'm not in the mood for a learning curve. I don't want to scavenge up new software and replace everything. I'm not in the mood to feel like a late comer (with the late comer stretcher). I think Apple stores are creepy. I hate the idea of the 'Genius Bar'. I don't like being perceived as a computer follower nor a defeatist. I don't like the grinning crapple add-ons. I think Apples are like cats and PCs are like dogs. And no, the Mac really isn't 'better' for the specific work that I do. Flash is a program that arguably works better on a PC. And I certainly don't want to give into my friends constant pressure and taunts about my computer-- like I'm nerdy "PC" from the Apple ads being teased by that douche who is not Shia LaBoof!

THAT BEING SAID. I simply hate Vista. I've poked around on it and I find it to be shockingly annoying. The extra steps. The insane approvals. The lengthy restarts. The simplicity through additional complications. The heaviness of it all. And the loony paranoia. (I mean how long has it been since a real virus has come out? Melissa?) Plus, I don't want to buy f**kin Word for $150! Word sucks anyway! And I don't like mystery of 'will my software work?' I realize it's a 'First edition'-- but considering the offensiveness of it so far I am really hesitant to go full on into a new PC computer. Vista obviously sucks for the average person. At least, that's my first impression. And you know what they say about first impressions. Oy.

So what's a PC guy to do?

I KNOW this is the argument for the ages. But it's going on in my head right now...

ok bye!