The Clean Dog, Dirty Rain Dilemma

Ok. I totally know what you're going to say but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Here's the situation...

Once a month or so, Roscoe goes down the street and gets a bath, haircut and a comb-out. If he doesn't this done like once a month his fur gets all matted and then they have to shave him. I probably could be better about brushing him myself but I don't like it and he doesn't like it either. And I don't have a bathtub. But I do my best. He doesn't shed (which is nice because there's no fur around) but he gets dirtier than most dogs. This week he was pretty dirty and smelly so I was psyched to get him over there and clean his ass up.

While he's at the groomer place I usually take the time away to clean up my whole place spotless. I change my sheets and pillow cases. Vacuum. Get laundry done whatever. There's something about having a clean dog which makes me want a clean place. Living with a dog it's rare that the place is actually realllly clean. It's just sort of demotivating to change my sheets knowing that some dirty dog is gonna be lounging around on them all day. So I really like the extra cleanness when he's clean too.

Anyway, once a week (Friday) Roscoe goes to doggie day care. They pick him up in a van and take him away to Red Hook for the whole day. Good deal. He plays with his friends in this outdoor space and has lunch or whatever and comes back all exhausted. Dig it.

This morning I woke up and looked at Roscoe all super duper clean and fluffed. He's like light blonde when he's clean. A different color altogether. I looked out the window and it was pouring pouring rain. And although this day care place has an indoor play area-- whenever it rains he comes back extra dirty and smelly. The thunder was rumbling and I started to get bummed out about the idea of Roscoe's fresh new haircut only lasting one day. And that he was gonna smell like wet dog when he gets home! Maybe even need a bath! His clean shiny dogness was gonna get all washed away in the rain! I paid for that haircut just yesterday! So I actually considered calling him out sick today just to avoid him ending up rainy day disgusting. I wanted him clean for longer!

Then the more manly me got a hold of myself and I sent him out to play. Something seemed umm... unright about keeping him home because it was "raining hard". But now the rain is coming down superhard and I imagine him rolling around in the friggin mud with other gross dogs---  then coming home and running around my nice clean home. Sort of a bummer...

But I guess that's the dealio when you live with an animal...

ok bye!