The Official End of the CD Road

Man, I used to take so much pride in my CD collection. Look at all these mofos!

And since CDs came out back in the day, I've had them on display and took pride in growing this thing collection out. And if you went through my CDs you'd actually think I was pretty cool! In real life! Like all crazy well-rounded in my musical taste! Tom Waits! All things Beatles! Old-school Beck! Beastie Boys (everything but License to Ill for extra cool!) A well-controlled level of Prince! Locals like The Liars and Hazzards! All things Pixies! James Brown! Sugarcubes! Garbage like Stereophonics! And Garbage itself! Lots of Old 97's! A nice chunk of Alice in Chains! Depeche Mode! Smiths and all that! A ton of Elvis Costello! Velvet Underground! Bootleg Nirvana! Syd Barrett! Roxy Music! Remastered Slanted and Enchanted! My Bloody Valentine! A trickle of Bowie! Miles Davis Bitches Brew (still unlistened to but preserved for the day I'm smart/bored enough)! Portishead! NIN! 2-Pac! Doors! Let it Bleed! Pablo Honey! XTC! Moldy Peaches! Meat Puppets! All Talking Heads! (Yes I'm bragging but this is my last chance to do that!) Bee Gees! Sinatra! Kanye! Tricky! Fishbone! Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs! Blondie! Jane's Addiction! The long lost Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden! Negativland! I'm talking real dead deep cut crapola!

But today they're finally getting stored away in my new trunk/coffee table (just bought it). I live in an apartment and lack space. So it's officially over for CD's and me. If I had less of em I wouldn't care --but there's alot of em here and I gotta accept that I haven't taken one off the shelf in ages. I'm averaging maybe a couple purchases a year at this point (usually just out of respect). But I've been watching them all geekily alphabetized collecting dust and sadly digitally degrading... and I realized it's finally time. They're just for display purposes only. Have been that way for a while. And it feels a little dorkishly show-offy having them out combined with a twist of dormroomishness. I don't even have a stereo hooked up anymore! Just listen on my computer and mp3 player-- and pretty much all my CDs are now ripped.

If anyone wants to see my collection I can always open the trunk done and done. Sure, I could put them up on eBay but what would I get for em? Five bucks and a negative rating for taking too long to ship it? Plus, I still want them. But knowing, I'll probably never buy another CD (unless packaging gets way interesting)-- what's the point in displaying a collection that is frozen in time? Isn't half the fun of being a collector... the hunt? It's just a little sad that my impressive underground CDs that were discovered on rainy day outings to Bleeker Bobs are now going underground again. And any yokel with a computer can get the same tracks I scrounged for... 

Whatever! Maybe this is an excuse to use my nifty new trunk that I just bought!! I have to put something in there and people like opening trunks! Then my CDs can be like cool again! Because people will be like whoa! (since when do I have people over again?) But whatever! It's wooden and it has a coolio latch! And this whole thing has turned into an excellent procrastination activity!!

DVDs you're next!!

ok bye!


PS. It's kind of coolio that I know I'll never feel this way about all my books...