Sundance Dance Fever

Hey! My cartoons are gonna be a part of the Sundance Online Film Festival! When I heard, I was like 'what?' But there they are! People can go to their site and vote for them. So I'm thinking... since I'm there... it would be kind of cool to win something. I haven't really won anything since I won the "Sportsmanship Award" trophy in 6th grade because I let girls play on my kickball team in the school league. We came in last place. When you got some chicks on your team that strikeout at kickball you're all about last place. 

Now that I think about it that's not the only thing I've won. I won one of those giant stuffed animals at Rye Playland years ago while doing 'Shoot Out the Star'. It was like a bb gun machine gun at a piece of paper with a star on it. If you can shoot out the star- you win. I finally figured out that you don't just go nuts and try to blow the star away. You gotta do it slow. Finesse it. Couple bb's here. Couple there. Slow controlled bb shooting. Then the red goes away piece by piece. I won a big toucan or something! (Not too long ago I saw one of those giant carnival teddy bears sitting out on the street with the trash in nyc. Some dog was peeing on it. It was really sad to see.)

Anyway... Oh wait I did win one more thing! Like five years ago while I was at work, I was listening to KROC and they were running a Green Day contest. It was to win the new cd and a chance to win a trip to London to see Green Day. I was the 92nd caller and was on the air!  (I won the cd not the trip). I forgot what I said on the air but it was cool being on KROC. After I got off the phone I went into my boss's office and told her what just happened and she gave me a look like... 'You're sitting over there calling up trying to win radio contests??'

Anyway, click over and vote for my toons! (you gotta open each cartoon and click on the stars at the top to vote) And if I win I'll be hanging out with Robert Redford. I'll be all like, 'What's up Butch Cassidy?' And he'd be like, "I was the Sundance Kid..." And I'd be like, "What's up Sundance Kid?" And he'd be like, "Can you go like... over there somewhere... away.." And I'd be like, "Ok! Butch Cassidy. Whatever you want!" Then I'd tell him how I respect how he sells spaghetti sauce and popcorn for charity. And he'd groan or something..

That would be cool!


***UPDATE*** I lost. I still have my sportsmanship trophy though. Congrats to the winners @!