The Teddy Saga

There were lots of stuffed animals in my childhood room growing up. Dozens. As a little kid after my parents put me to bed, I used to get up and play 'Animal Olympics' on my floor for an hour or two. I always liked staying up late at night and that was what I played. The animals would compete against each other based on their shapes and talents. The more leggy animals would run and jump and hurdle. The rounder ones would do weight lifting and boxing and stuff like that. The competition was sometimes way exciting. I played olympics for years.

At some point, not sure how old I was (probably later than earlier), I put the majority of my stuffed animals in bags and brought them downstairs to the basement. My mom saw me while I was doing this and wanted to know what was up. I apparently told her that I had "outgrew them"--like all matter of facty. I think she thought it was a little weird that it was like a one-day decision to get them all out of my room. Still sorta sad to think about. The olympics were over. I woke up one day and all events were cancelled.

But a few favorite animals did stay behind in my room. And there was one stuffed animal that was always the One. He was my first treasure and he most important. That was Teddy. A blue bear. Teddy was part of my earliest memories. He was always there seemingly from day one. My security bear and friend. And I was always protective of Teddy. He survived getting his eyes chewed off by our crazy dog and everything. My mom gave him new button eyes.

At some point in my high school years for whatever loopy love reasons-- I decided to give my sweetheart Teddy as a gift. I wanted to give her something really important to me. I now realize this was an friggin insane move and real act of betrayal for Teddy. But love was love then and I guess it was pretty blinding. Not sure what she thought of that gift. But eventually we broke up and Teddy was left behind with her. For whatever reason, I didn't ask for Teddy back right on the spot. I guess that seemed extra immature (considering my immaturity was the reason for our breakup) or felt like I was taking back a gift or something. And we kinda of grew apart.

But in the back of my mind on and off I continued to think about Teddy. Walking around campus freshmen year in college, I would mentally sucker punch myself in the face out of nowhere for leaving Teddy behind. I wanted my Teddy back! Eventually I obsessed enough and called my ex-girlfriend out of the blue demanding Teddy back. She told me she wasn't sure where it was but thought it was probably somewhere in her parents house. Thought? Wasn't sure? The idea that Teddy was gone made me nuts! I became berserk with the possibility that Teddy was gone forever. I pictured him lying in a landfill. In some random dog's mouth. Or all alone somewhere? I cursed my stupid brain for giving him away in the first place! I psycho-harassed my ex to go home and look for Teddy! What kind of crazy gift was that anyway?? I wondered about the long term mental effects of the possible loss of Teddy and braced myself..

Fortunately and thankfully, she soon found Teddy and returned him to me. I forever thank her for that. And me and Teddy have never been apart since. Never will be. And that's that.
here if you wanna see a picture of Teddy...

ok bye!