The Lighting of the Gossip Switchboard

So I just got back from a walk with Roscoe and I stopped in the Starbucks to get myself a latte. I admit it! I hate the word latte! But I like them lattes! Anyway, it seemed like something was buzzing in there. People were on their cell phones looking excited and wowed (frankly, weirdly tittled). People gathered around a laptop here and there. A phone was ringing. Then all of a sudden my phone was ringing. I screened it out when I saw there were a few text messages.

I flipped it open to take a look.

Heath Ledger is dead!

another message...

Health Leger died... WTF!

I tuned into the talking in the Starbucks and everyone was on the same page. Everyone was talking about the same thing. Some seemed to be rushing to be the first to tell their gossip loving friends. Texting away to have the honor of being the newsbreaker. I thought of a few friends I could call to spread the word-- but hearing it all over Starbucks I knew I was way late to break the news to anyone. I was probably a good 20-30 minutes late to that game.

It was just weird feeling the gossip electricity vibrating in the air as everything lit up with this sorta stunning news...

And as I walked down the street with Roscoe I heard a couple cell conversations. 'He's dead? How?' 'No way!' I wondered how many conversations at that moment were about this dude dying. 75%?

He actually used to live in my neighborhood with his wife. I passed him once on the street which totally adds a bit to my gossip cred today. I do remember noticing that he was wearing sunglasses even though it was cloudy and he didn't acknowledged my dog as we passed by. That's all I got on him...

ok bye!