A Quick Stroll Through Sketchyville

(First off, I stupidly left my camera at home so I don't have pictures of this-- but I did mentally punch my own face when I got home for forgetting. This will probably be hard to describe but....)

Tonight I went to have dinner at a friends apartment in Red Hook. Roscoe was invited as well. Red Hook is an up-and-coming-ish neighborhood in Brooklyn-- but there are areas where sh*t still goes down old school stylee... if you know what I'm saying.  Anyway, it's a half hour walk for me and there are two ways to go about heading into Red Hook. If you go one way it's sort of nice with some coolio bars and shops and stuff. Then there's the other way-- the way that is industrial, abandonedy and sketchy. And me (being a dope) and always thinking I know a shortcut--- found myself wandering through the sketchy area on the way back.

Granted, it wasn't all that late, but in any sketchy neighborhood when you don't even know where you are... and there's like no street lights lit... and its like weird warehouses... broken glass..... angrily hand-painted No Parking signs.... and you see zipping rats out of the corner of your eye... it feels... sketchy. Having a dog with me made me feel somewhat better but considering my dog is all fluffy he sort of cancels himself out dogwise in this situation.

Anyway, I'm heading up this one desolate street and at the corner I see a group of dudes standing around. Four or five of em. I was about half-way up the block and they hadn't noticed me yet-- so I quickly changed my appearance to look tougher. I put my collar up. Pulled my hat down low. And I took off my dorky glasses to undorkify myself. I also wrapped the leash really tightly around my hand to make it seem like Roscoe needed to be controlled or else he'd go friggin mental for no reason. Of course, we go walking past this group and nobody even gave us a second look.

I turn the corner and we head up an even sketchier block. Super quiet. All warehouses and empty lots. It was windy and there were clangy clang noises. Newspapers flying around. Even Roscoe seemed nervous. I was like, 'Why did I think I knew where I was going!!?!...' Then all of a sudden I hear this crazy loud barking! Right over my head! Big woof dog barking! I look up and staring down at me with demon eyes is this huge dog! He was standing on the roof of the one story building we were passing! There was no railing no nothing! He was a guard dog loose on the roof!! He looked like he was gonna pounce down at us!! He was pretty high up but not high up enough. Dog totally scared the sht outta me. I tug Roscoe and we head down the street away from him.

We hustle up the street by this fenced-in lot up the streeet-- and all of a sudden right next to my leg on the other side of the fence another huge guard dog starts going nuts!! Growling and barking and looking like he wanted to chew through the chain links! The dog on the roof was still going nuts on the roof! They both wanted to eat Roscoe! Bad! And Roscoe of course didn't even let out a woof. He knew those two dogs were way bad ass and he needed to keep his yap shut. At that point, we quickly casually crossed the street and as soon as I started to relax a little.... there was this loud metal on metal clannnnggggg! sound -- at that point (I'm embarrassed to say) I started actually running!

Me and Roscoe ran like two blocks like scaredy cats... until the street lights were back and regular ol' civilization returned.

ok bye!