Pictures for the Week

Here's some pictures if you wanna look at them!

Walked by this and had to look twice. Then thrice....

Michelle Williams apartment here in Brooklyn last week. I took this picture really quickly and felt sleazy afterwards.

I wanted these machines to come to life and start fighting. That woulda been way coolio awesome!... ummm... sorta...


These guys must love the acoustics in the subway. (Note the creepy face on the escalator...)

I guess they were blowing stuff up behind this fence. No whistling while I was there unfortunately.

I have a soft spot for these old school painted on brick ads that are slowly disappearing...

I didn't like it. Then I did like it. Then I didn't like it. Then I didn't like it again.

Spot the real windows?

Roscoe at dog park looking good!

Roscoe chasing a dog chasing a ball.

Teeth soup.

I posted this a while ago on the homepage-- but it was still in my camera so there it is now.

I still trust these machines more than the new fangled fancy electronic ones. But I trust paper the most...

More info on Gnocchi here...

Good vibes to y'all!