Not Alot of What's Happening Happenings Gonna Happen Here for a Little While

Probably that's going to be the deal for the rest of the year.

The warner books people are a little mad at me because like a lazy dope I sorta missed a deadline. So I really gotta work on the book.  I'm not sure much will be happening here in What's Happening for like the rest of the year because I'm just going to stay inside and really crank on the book book. (if something really good or funny happens then I'll tell ya about it) But if you see this section not getting updates regular usually like as usual you know why. Just for a little while.

I gotta hermititize with my hermit crabs and like... um... get crackin...

But check this out! book is listed already at amazon! So now that it's 'official' I really gotta finish it I guess...

ok bye!