Glaring at the Glare

So a while ago I was getting new eyeglasses and the sales dude did his whole upsell song and dance with the "scratch resistant" this and the "anti-glare" that and the "UV protection" whatever the hell--- and I was having none of it. I always get annoyed with those rip-off eyeglass add-ons. None of them seem like real things. But finally I gave in and said, 'Ok! Fine! If I was just gonna get just one of those things... which should I get?' Dude said, "No question. The anti-glare." He told me that "glare" on glasses went out with anchormen from the 1970's. This was news to me. I didn't realize there was a glare issue at all! I didn't get the glare memo! I never looked at someone and frowned on their glare! Were people frowning on my glare?! I didn't wanna look like an anchorman from the 70's! $35 or whatever. I went for it. Like a chump.

Anyway, I pick up the glasses, put em on, and immediately start looking for some glare or lack of glare or something glare-oriented. I turned my head left and right in the mirror and didn't notice anything glaring. They just looked like glasses to me. The dude was like, 'You see! No glare, right?' I was like, 'Yeah... no glare... I guess....'

Whatever. So I've had these anti-glare glasses for a while and haven't appreciated a lack of glare once. Nobody has complimented me on my lack of glare either. But what I have friggin noticed is--- These glasses harder to clean!!! I'm a 'clean my glasses on my shirt' kind of guy and that used to work just fine! Now my shirt doesn't do the job! It just makes things all smeary and smudgey! The other day I was finally like, 'WTF why are these glasses always dirty?!' And realized that it had to be the stoopid anti-glare coating!!!! I gotta use that wimpy little silk hanky now to clean my stupid glasses! So annoying.

Anyway, that's that with that. I guess it's nice that I no longer have any embarrassing "glare".. I just wish it wasn't replaced by a new fresh coating of dull smudge.

ok bye!