Boob Flash Token

Here's a quick story!

When I used to work in book publishing there was a girl who would stop by my office now and then to say hi. She had some 'serious' boyfriend and she was always having problems with him. They'd get in a fight like once a week and she'd complain to me about him and ask for advice on how to handle the situation or whatever-- blah blah and...oh yeah by the way... She had big boobs!!

I had a big crush on her (or her boobs) and was always kind of tempted to steer her toward break up-- but I'm not the kind of guy to step in that way. I'd feel guilty and it seems some kind of guy-code violation. So I always sat there being supportive and "nice". Giving solid advice. But it's safe to say after sitting with a girl through a cry more than twice... you pretty much can guarantee you're at least four square miles into the friend zone.

Anyway, one day she came into my office crying about this or that and I was listening and whatevering. She was sobbing away and wearing a baggy cable-knit sweater-- and at some point for whatever reason she used the bottom of her sweater to dry her eyes. She was crying really hard and I guess she didn't realize that using the bottom of the sweater to dry tears totally gave me a full flash of her bra and boobs! I'll never forget it! It was like... waah cry cry...he did this and that... I'm fed up with him whatever and then... Bam! Black bra with the lacy thing! There they were! Boobs! For like 2 whole seconds! I heard the arroogah arroogah! noise in my head and then spaced out for maybe six or seven days after...

Although they never broke up and I think she eventually got married to him-- somehow it was easier to hang out more comfortably in the friend zone after seeing those boobs. Like that snapshot image of those big boobs was just a little something for the effort...

ok bye!