New Unmanly High

Ok so this morning I woke up looking at Roscoe staring me in the face. He was giving me the 'if we don't leave this apartment in 5 minutes I'm gonna drop a deuce on the floor' face. So I rushed around and got myself together to head on out. Sky blue sweatpants. Big jacket. Orange baseball hat. It was raining really hard out so I put Roscoe's rainjacket on him as well. It's orange.

(FYI I don't dress Roscoe for any sort of fashion thing or for warmth. I dress him only when it rains because it keeps him drier which means he stinks less and his fur gets less matted. Yeah, I feel strange walking a dog in a jacket but it just makes sense, ok! It's flipping raining out and he's covered in fur! He lays around in my bed! I don't need to explain this to you!)

Anyway, I grab my only umbrella... which is this one. I wrote about it a while ago. Long story short I found it in a cab.

I know. But it's all I got! All my other umbrellas disappear but "cherub" umbrella sticks with my for years of course. I also grab my mp3 player and off I go with Roscoe splashing through puddles waiting for him to pee and poop. I flip through songs on the mp3 player looking some decent "rainy day" music and decide on Coldplay. (I know. I know! Don't you think I know? I know!). And when I walk along... I like to sing along. It's just a habit now.

I get a couple of blocks before I realize I've been singing loudly to friggin 'Yellow' when it dawns on my that my orange baseball hat matches Roscoe's coat! Which leads to me looking down at my sky blue sweatpants! Which leads up to my cherub umbrella! Which led to me singing Coldplay! Which finally leads to this image in my head!

It wernt right!!!

See? Not right. Not manly... atall.

ok bye!