Knit Hat Dilemma Redux

So this is a followup to this what's happening here (dry cleaner lady knit hat story. should read first if ain't read yet.)



This weekend I headed up to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to go skiing with my family (parents, bro, sis in law, nephews, niece). And while I was packing I was debating which hat I should bring for skiing. Old softy hat? Big dorky ski hat from 1987? I decided to go with my hand knit hat because it's actually pretty warm and tight on my head (so it won't fly off my head while I'm doing a 720 helicopter or whatever). Plus, I still feel a responsibility to 'use' the hat. Dry cleaner lady worked hard on it. And I feel anything hand knit should always be respected.

I get to the mountain and go through the whole rental process. Get my ticket. Clomp up the hill. Click into my skis. Stretch out. And try to ignore how much the hat was itching my head. Undeniably uncomfortable. I was annoyed at myself for bringing this dopey hat! It was too tight! I knew this! And on the first run, I was distracted by the itchy! I started rolling my eyes at the idea of buying a new hat in the ski shop because it would involve me taking off the skis and clomping into the ski shop and buying a hat and getting everything together again. It was a whole hassle.

Anyway, on the third run, I'm sitting on the chairlift simmering in itchy annoyance-- so I angrily take off the hat to see if I could stretch it out more or something. It was making me nuts! I'm yanking away at it stretching it and then turn it inside out to stretch it out the insideout way--- and what do I see at the very top of the inside of the hat?? Under the stitching for the pom-pom? A f**king label! A little factory label! 100% Acrylic! Made in China!

I couldn't believe it. I'm staring at this thing like, 'Are you fkin kidding me!!??!!?' I've been wearing this stupid hat on and off for a couple months now!!? Just out of the hand-knit respect!? And out of guilt!? And she frickin bought it!? It's probably a $2 hat off one of those street guys!? Maybe even a regift?! I bought her an extra nice christmas gift in retaliation for her nice gift! (Yes retaliation!)

Ok. So that's the annoying news...

The good news is now I am completely off the hook for any guilt related dry cleaner stuff!!! Forever! Crap like this!

And my head is now happier because of it... both inside and out..

ok bye!