To Cord or Not to Cord

I need a question settled once and for all.

Are corduroy pants right or wrong? I have four pairs of 'cords' hanging in my closet and have mixed feelings about them.

Here's a pair:

(Roscoe's face in that picture might be saying something about how he feels about them.)

Here's the thing. I really like cords. I think they're comfortable and kind of nice looking. But whenever I wear them out I get comments about them. Usually something along the lines of 'Ooh. Nice cords, dude...'. And once a girl told me that 'chicks don't really like guys in cords'. I'm not sure if they're too old mannish or too 5th grade for some people or what. But somehow whenever I wear them out they draw attention. Like, I'm showing off by having the balls to actually wear cords. 

I certainly don't need to be wearing anything that makes me look dorkier than I already do.

So I need this settled please.

Please vote in this poll:

Cord Poll

What do you think of corduroys?

Love em! Wear em!
They're terrible! Never wear em!
Whatever. They don't bother me.
Depends on the dork.
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Thank you.

ok bye!